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On May 7, 2023, we did a Lisa Amorao Water Rescue Clinic walk-through with most of this season's instructors:
Jeany Duncan led the land classroom for about 40 minutes. Then Zina Deretsky led the water drills with supporting instructors Jeany, Mimi Laubach, and Ken Mignosa.
Ena O'Daniel, Greg Lowry, Gretchen Fermer participated. And we had guest students (and great demo talent) from Jon Grunstad and Virginia Waik.
A good time was had by all. We are ready to take on Water Rescue Clinic season 2023!! Bring it!
IntroductionsIntroductionsWho are these people in WETSUITS?!Jon going IN the water?? : )Group shot before drills.4 "victims" have swum out