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Reviews of art produced by Zina-Studio:

“I think it’s amazing how the Challenges of Building… illustration captures the local flow of ice under a footing at the pole and the flow of ice across the entire continent at once. And demonstrates the problem of wind-driven snow buildup as well…

It’s a great example of how a professional illustrator can do wonders to communicate.”

--Robert Stokstad
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Physicist who spent several seasons working at the South Pole Station

“As the grandson of an artist whose works illuminate my home, and as an aging, dutiful, long-ago sketcher of fossils, arrowheads, and potshards (for courses in invertebrate paleontology and a short-lived career in archeology), I have a clumsy amateur’s respect for the work of someone who has clearly mastered skills at which I once ineptly but diligently tried my hand. And, having worked a bit in physical anthropology and spent a few hours at the University of Toronto’s Anatomy Museum, I appreciate the beauty of the amazing creation that is the human body, which shines through your work.

You must have really enjoyed creating the illustration of the flagellar “clutch”, merging as it did your interests in anatomy and mechanics.

So rock on, “Russian artist biker chick,” rock on! And thanks for brightening my life, too.”

--Fred Baumann
American Philatelic Society

“You are one of our office's strongest assets. There have been times during our work history together where I waited to write the release until the PI approved your drawing because I knew seeing your interpretation would make it much easier to write it up? I’m like the nurse fish to your great white.
You're an incredible artist and illustrator with a lot of the 'soft skills' many of your peers lack."

--Dana Cruikshank
Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Legislative and Public Affairs,
National Science Foundation

“Stunning illustrations!”

--Diana Moutsopoulos
House Editor
Papadakis Publisher

“I like it a lot. Ready to go and edify the masses !!!”

--Payson Sheets
Professor Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado